Intl. Rel. Committee




International Council of 

Alpha Phi Omega 


The ICAPO Operating Policies (2008) were amended in 2008 and approved by both (APhiO-USA & APhiO-Philippines) national boards.

A more formal structure was established with the signing of the ICAPO Operating Policies on 12/28/96.

The International Council of Alpha Phi Omega was formally established 12/28/94 with the signing of the ICAPO Charter.



1996-1999 David A. Emery Jose (Joey) H. Policarpio Allen Wong, DDS Historian - Tony Ploughe
1999-2003 Allen Wong, DDS Hilda A Sacay Clave Mel S. Gonzales, Jr.  
2003-2005 Allen Wong, DDS Felix J. Marinas Jr Mel S. Gonzales, Jr.  
2005-2006 Felix J. Marinas Jr. Wilfred M. Krenek Mel S. Gonzales, Jr.  
2006-2010 Wilfred M. Krenek Felix J. Marinas Jr Elizabeth Tom, MD  
2010-2012 Lester T Arevalo Wilfred M. Krenek Elizabeth Tom, MD  
2012-2014 Wilfred M. Krenek Lester T Arevalo Elizabeth Tom, MD  
2014-2016 Mel S. Gonzales, Jr. Fred C. Heismeyer Ed.D. Elizabeth Tom, MD  
2017-2018 Fred C. Heismeyer Ed.D. Lester T Arevalo Elizabeth Tom, MD  
2018-2020 Alice O. Castaneda Gutierrez Ping Huang Allen Wong, DDS  

Graphic representation of Brothers and Sisters involved in International Relations up to 2018, courtesy of Brod. Mel Gonzales.




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