March 2012

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Dear Dave,

Dave in Mazatlan
I have been in Mazatlan since last Monday staying at El Cid Resorts. It's always a pleasure to be here to see what's new with the 4 properties (Granada, Castilla Beach, El Moro and Marina resorts) and to fall in love with the destination all over again. I LOVE my job, so let me share with you my top 10 favourite things about El Cid Resorts and Mazatlan!


1. WEATHER - Of course the weather in Mazatlan is always pleasant, but it was SO nice to be able to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt while most of Canada is still in a deep freeze.


2. FOOD - One of my favourite things about Mazatlan is the food. I always look forward enjoying traditional dishes such as Tortilla Soup, local lobster and grilled fresh fish. Two new dishes that I loved were Chile de Queso (chile and cheese) soup and Chilaquiles Verdes (baked tortillas, local cheese, chiles, onions and spices).


3. SHRIMP - Of course Mazalan is know as the "shrimp capital of the world", so I always enjoy the variety of great shrimp dishes. Last time, my favourite was "coconut Shrimp", but this time I think the "Shrimp Enchiladas" ended up on the top of my list!


4. CULTURE - Each time I visit Mazatlan, I take one of the tours out to a local village to see how the locals live. This time I visited Puerta de Canoas (using Pronatours), whDave cookingere we (me and the other Canadians on the tour) saw how they train beautiful parade horses, toured a local cheese factory, and visited and tasted in a small candy shop. The highlight for me was making and cooking my own tortillas and making my own salsa, then enjoying a fantastic lunch in an open air restaurant.


5. LOCATION - Mazatlan is one of the closest "sun" destinations for those of us in western Canada with direct flight of only about 4 hours. I love being able to get up in the morning and enjoy some sun and a beautiful sunset in Mazatlan the same day.


Dave shot6. DRINKS - I'm not a big drinker, but I always love the Horchata (sweetened rice milk) and Mexican hot chocolate (rich chocolate with a hint of cinnamon). I must say that during this visit, I totally enjoyed the Mexican coffee (coffee with vanilla ice cream, Kahula and tequila) and I'll admit that I did try more than one shot of the local Blue Agave (tequila) a local blue agave farm/distillery.


7. SUN, BEACH AND POOLS - Ahh, well, isn't this why most of us come here? One of the largest pools in Latin American weaves through the Castilla Beach resort. My favorite quiet pool is the one at the El Cid Granada. If I'm looking to swim in the ocean, I use the Castilla-El Moro beach area in the center of the Hotel/Golden Zone, but if I just want to relax on a quiet beach, I head to the Maria El Cid beach.


8. HISTORIC MAZATLAN - I enjoyed another city tour of Mazatlan on this trip. Over 10 years ago, the whole downtown area was declared a national historic landmark. Since that time, the area (Centro Historico) has been renovated and is comprised of beautiful open-air squares and restaurants. It was great to see the progress of this on-going renovation of the colonial downtown area, even since my last visit.


9. GOLF - I'm not a golfer, but I had a chance to tour the entire 27-hole El Cid golf course with our golf manager. Each of the 3 9-hole sections was beautiful and the whole course was recently upgraded. I talked to a number of golfers who were totally enjoying the UNLIMITED golf rounds as part of the El Cid Elite package.


10. ENTERTAINMENT - I enjoyed the variety of El Cid evening shows each night that features talented professionals and colourful shows of every genre. For other entertainment, there is always Senor Frogs, one of the largest discos in Mazatlan, right on the El Cid property, and an almost limitless list of other places to party the night away!


golf pic
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Nicki H
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