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Dave Emery
dave@freddiemarsh.com 604 328-6847
Dave's Update
Puerto Vallarta
Dear Dave,

I have been in Puerto Vallarta since Monday checking out the two new properties that FMTM is representing - the new Hilton Puerto Vallarta and the Krystal Vallarta.


Krystal PVR logo At the busy Krystal, guests can choose from 4 pools, in various parts of the property to enjoy. I'm here working, but I did have a tiny bit of time to enjoy the sun, so I selected the smaller pool near the beach and next to the 6 Jacuzzi tubs. Lovely!! Most of the guests and also the fun & upbeat activities were happening around the other 2 beautiful beach-side pools.


My room was in the 4 story, beach-side Krystal Club building. There are garden view rooms, as well as beautiful ocean-view rooms. The aqueduct section is a quiet area of the property with garden views and spacious rooms and larger suites, all decorated with Mexican charm. I had dinner at the Kamakura Sushi and Tepanyaki Restaurant, which is situated around the quiet aqueduct pool. The food and service were wonderful.


Krystal and the Hilton share one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta - wide, sandy and a perfect place to read a book, walk or play volleyball.

Beach Pic

At the Hilton, it was wonderful to enjoy the quiet elegance. This is the first all-inclusive Hilton in Mexico and the food and service at the specialty Mexican and French Restaurants are as good as any that I have enjoyed at restaurants where I had to pay the bill! The views from the beautifully designed infinity pool overlooking the beach are truly amazing, including watching the sunsets.

PVR sunset

After a long day doing competitive site inspections, I headed back to the Hilton where I had a late afternoon spa appointment at Ki Spa. I was led first to the Jacuzzi while I sipped on hibiscus juice and ate a few chocolates. Then I was led to the Floatarium. It was a large room with white and black marble walls, with a small pool in the middle. The pool was candle lit, about 4 feet deep and filled with comfortably warm, salt water. The therapist had me slide in the pool and start to float on my back. She positioned pool noodles comfortably under my neck and feet, then left. I was looking up at the dark ceiling, covered in small lights resembling stars. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. After my ears were submerged, all I could hear was my heart beating. Floating there, I couldn't even feel my weightless limbs, but it was a total relaxing sensation. I sure recommend this treatment if you get the chance.

Spa pic

Puerto Vallarta is a sun-drenched, beach destination that keeps reinventing itself, and the new Hilton and Krystal Vallarta are great properties in a perfect location to offer to your sun-seeking clients!

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Good Luck!!!
GSA Hilton Puerto Vallarta Makes the Cover of GSA Travel Magazine

Have you received your latest copy of GSA Travel Magazine yet? We are thrilled that The Hilton Puerto Vallarta is featured on the cover!!!

Make sure you check out page 30 for a full page editorial piece on Hilton's first all-inclusive concept resort in Mexico.

Happy Reading!!!
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