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July 2013
Dear Dave,


This week and last week was the WestJet Mexico Expo with shows in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Real Resorts and El Cid Resorts were there, maybe we saw you at one of the shows?? 


In the original plan organized months ago, a sightseeing day-trip to Banff was planned for the Mexico suppliers for yesterday, the day after the last show wrapped in Calgary.   


Well, after the devestating flooding in Calgary and areas of Southern Alberta, WestJet asked the Mexico suppliers if instead of having a fun-day in Banff, what would they think of spending the day volunteering to help local flood victims instead?  


Guess what the decision was???


Mexico Volunteer Pic    

Tami Brown & Afra Davis from WestJet Vacations and Cesar Mendoza from Mexico Tourism Board alongside various Mexico Reps volunteered at Neighbourlink Calgary, packing up goods for the flood victims from bedding to toiletries to food.  


Way to go WestJet and all of the Mexico partners who volunteered their time to help Calgary and the communities of Southern Alberta. Very proud of all our colleagues. Bravo!!!     





Freddie Marsh, CTC
FMTM - Freddie Marsh Travel Marketing


Celebrity Edition Part 2

In last month's newsletter I shared some of my celebrity sightings and I asked you to share yours too. Well, you didn't dissapoint, and we have another celebrity packed newsletter!!!


All of the stories and pics are great, and thanks to everyone who sent them in, but my favourite has to be from Colleen Roberts from Marlin Travel in Surrey BC. It was laughing so hard when I was reading it and the photo made my week. With Colleen's permission here is her story...enjoy!!!


Steve Martin
Steve Martin from behind the bushes.

Hey Freddie, great celeb stories. Mine aren't quite as great but I do have one with a picture.This past summer we stayed at the Humphrey's Half Moon Inn & Suites in San Diego and they have a concert bowl on site. Our room happened to be very close to backstage and most nights there were fairly decent headliners playing. One evening Steve Martin's blues band was playing so I went near the backstage to see if I could catch a glimpse but security was all over me. Since I was a guest at the property I had access to the pool area which was just a couple of shrubs and trees from backstage. I saw him and could hear him talking and even saw him up in the "after party" suite which was just a few doors down from me. I snapped a couple of shots and hung out with this young guy who was a celeb hunter of sorts! His name was Romeo and he was an autograph hound. He was really chased back by security but he seemed pretty harmless so I let him in to the pool area with my key and we sat and chatted while he waited for his chance. He finally got his autograph and I got a picture of it. :)  


Steve Martin autograph  


I can just picture Colleen lurking behind the bushes. Too funny. Thanks for sharing it Colleen!! 


The other celebrity photos that were sent in are scattered throughout the newsletter so keep reading below.    


Have a great month and if you need anything let us know.    





Freddie Marsh, CTC
FMTM - Freddie Marsh Travel Marketing


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Honua Kai Resort & Spa Among America's Most Luxurious Hotel Suites
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Freddie Marsh
Freddie Marsh, CTC
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Dave Emery


Do "likes" REALLY Equal Sales?

Catherine Heeg pic


One mistake many travel pros make is....

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Catherine Heeg is an International Speaker and Trainer in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Focusing on social media, sales and marketing, Catherine understands and speaks your language.  

Contest Winner
Congratulations to Karen Gruza from Travel Masters in Saskatoon for winning the June Photo Contest. Karen was randomly selected from all of the correct answers.

Keep reading for this month's photo contest and you might be the lucky winner!!      
Jennica & Bruno Mars Bruno Mars

Here is a photo sent in by Jennica MacPhee from Marsha Steeves Destination Weddings in Vancouver BC. At first I didn't recognize who she was posing with so I had to double-check with Jennica. It's Bruno Mars!!


Bruno Mars pic  


Dream Luxury Villa Pic Dream Luxury Beachfront Villa by Real Resorts

Did you know that Real Resorts offers a Dream Luxury Villa on the beautiful Island of Isla Mujeres? Each detail was designed to provide travelers with a private and quiet vacation experience. This property features four Junior Suites and one Master Suite that offer stunning ocean views and excellent amenities.


The hotel has a private beach, lush gardens and docks that can accommodate boats of up to 100 feet. There is also an infinity pool and an outdoor hot tub for up to eight people located on the terrace as well as a mini soccer field and a Thai gazebo. Get ready for a memorable vacation in this Caribbean hotel and discover the charm of this tropical paradise.


I was lucky enough to experience the Dream Luxury Villa last year and it is amazing, and a perfect option for groups of friends or family reunions.


Dream Luxury Chart  


Seth Rogen pic Seth Rogen

The photo on the right is from my neice/goddaughter, Dana Marsh who ran into Seth Rogen at MSY (New Orleans) in 2012. Dana was actually on her way to come visit us in Palm Springs so I'm taking full credit for her meeting him!!! HAHA


It's a good pic of Dana but not very flattering of Seth...maybe he was jet-lagged??


Seth Rogen is Canadian (from Vancouver) and has starred in a whole bunch of Hollywood films such as "Knocked Up", "Superbad", Pineapple Express" and "The Guilt Trip" to name a few.    

Seth Rogen I actually just watched "The Guilt Trip" the other night and it wasn't that bad. It got terrible reviews, but I thought it was a cute movie.


He's also known for "The Green Hornet" but I"m not really into those super-hero kinda movies so I'll probably never see it.  


Dana also added that she had another airport celebrity sighting last month in Houston. She met Wee Man from "Jackass". I actually have no idea who that is but she said he was really cool.


Dana travels a lot for work and she said she thinks it's time to start a celebrity run-in album, and I agree!!  



CNN Travel logo Honua Kai Resort & Spa  Among
America's Most Luxurious Hotel Suites
In case you missed it, in a recent story on CNN Travel, Honua Kai was named among America's Most Luxurious Hotel Suites.

CNN photo  

Kamehameha Suite, Honua Kai Resort & Spa, Maui, Hawaii

This six-room, oceanfront suite has the usual big-suite perks -- fully equipped gourmet kitchen with Viking appliances, flat screen TVs, three lavish bathrooms and huge beds in every room. But the highlight is the 3,200-square-foot lanai -- touted as the largest on Maui -- with whale watching views of Moloka'i and Lana'i islands, the West Maui Mountains and the Pacific. 

Erin Hill and Ryan Stiles Ryan Stiles

The next celebrity photo comes from Erin Hill at Marlin Travel in St Albert, AB.


Here is my celeb photo with Ryan Stiles.  He was on "Who's Line is it Anyway" with Drew Carey and also currently on Two and a Half Men. This picture was taken in July 2011 at the River Cree Resort & Casino in Edmonton when they brought their Improv show to the Venue at River Cree.  He is a super nice guy!


I remember him from "The Drew Carey Show". Remember that one?? Nice to hear he's a good guy. He seems pretty down to earth to me. Interesting fact, he is an American-born Canadian. He was born in Seattle to Canadian parents. And now you know.


El Cid Wedding Pic   

El Cid Resorts (Mazatlan, Riviera Maya, Cozumel) has launched a new wedding website: www.elcidweddings.com.  The website has a detailed list of all of the El Cid wedding packages, and includes a complete checklist of all of the details for planning a legal wedding in Mexico.  In addition, here is a link to the El Cid Honeymoon registry program http://elcid.honeymoonwishes.com/.


El Cid also has a wedding Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/elcidweddings. 


Rick Hansen photo Rick Hansen

This photo comes from my parents, Fred & Sheila Marsh. They were at the 25th Anniversary of the Manning Innovation Awards. Rick came over and thanked my Dad for inventing the Marsh Flexible Pegs which were saving so many players from serious injury. Mom and Dad said he was very friendly and made them feel very much at ease as they talked to him. 


Rick Hansen Man in Motion pic  


Acacia Logo Acacia Holidays
Acacia Holidays is a Kenya-based tour operator offering customer focused service to safari seekers from around the world. Founded at the dawn of the millennium, Acacia Holidays was born of a committment to offering travellers fresh and affordable experiences in Africa. Acacia Holidays is known for quality, reliability, comfort and luxury.  Well known to an international clientele for years, Acacia Holidays is now becoming a major presence among American and Canadian travellers.   



In addition to set intineraries, Acacia Holidays can also create customized itineraries for you. Call Acacia Holidays toll free from Canada at 1-888 472-4814.   

Christine & Chris Walby Chris Walby

If you're a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan you probably know who Chris Walby is.  


Christine Ward from Ixtapa Travel in Winnipeg sent this photo. Christine is a big Blue Bomber fan, but she said she looked very little next to Chris.


Chris Walby CFL photo
Hilton Puerto Vallarta Achieved AAA Four Diamond Rating
Hilton PVR pool pic Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort has been honoured with the Four Diamond rating awarded by the  AAA/CAA  (American/Canadian Automobile Association).   Since 1977 the AAA introduced the Diamond valuation and measurement system for grading and classifying hotels, and inspects more than 31,000 hotels each year of which only 5% are able to obtain the prestigious Four Diamond distinction.


Congratulations to the staff at the Hilton!

Photo Contest

floatarium pic  

What is the name of the spa at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta that features the amazing "floatarium" experience?   


What is the name of the spa?  

Think you know the answer?  Simply reply to this email with your answer and a winner will be randomly selected from all of the correct answers.   


Good luck!!!

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