Intl. Rel. Committee




Suggested Response to a request for International Support

Thank you so much for your interest in Alpha Phi Omega in (country).  It was certainly our founder’s dream to make Alpha Phi Omega an international movement as Scouting is.

 Alpha Phi Omega Around the World:  There is a separate national Alpha Phi Omega organization thriving in the Philippines since the early 1950s.  In addition, Alpha Phi Omega (USA) and Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) have committed to active international extension efforts in Canada and Australia, respectively.  In addition, the International Council of Alpha Phi Omega (ICAPO) works closely with both national organizations to further the efforts of international extension.

First Steps:  Since you have expressed an interest in establishing Alpha Phi Omega collegiate-based chapters in (country), here are some steps that you can consider.  We’ll be asking you to find an Alpha Phi Omega sponsor.  That could be an Alpha Phi Omega alumnus there in (country), an Alpha Phi Omega chapter in the United States or even a section or region (groups of chapters) in the United States.  Your sponsor will assist you in the steps in setting up a new Alpha Phi Omega chapter.  After discussing the extension process with you, your sponsor will send you a Membership Extension Starter Kit which will walk you through the process of establishing an Alpha Phi Omega chapter at your institution of higher education.  Your sponsor will keep in touch with you assisting you with your progress.

 Support:  I am copying your Regional Director, (RD Name), who is the Alpha Phi Omega Board member closest to your location.  (RD Name), along with our Membership Extension Director and me, will be your primary contacts with the Fraternity during this initial process.  You will be following the same requirements that we ask of any extension efforts at campuses within the United States.  If there are minor changes that need to be made to accommodate local laws, university regulations or cultural differences, we will certainly work with you and your group.  When your group of students is ready to submit official paperwork to our National Office, we will present your efforts to the entire National Board of Directors to grant approval for continued support.

We hope that this process goes smoothly for you and your fellow students and that you have a wonderful experience as part of Alpha Phi Omega!  Please let me know how else I can assist you.



Submitted as part of the International Relations Board Report, Feb 2004






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