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Philippine Membership Validation

On occasion we may receive occasional requests from Alpha Phi Omega, Philippines members or alumni, to validate or verify the membership status of APhiO USA brothers.  In general this would be an administrative burden and I would suggest that you reply with some kind words similar to the following:

“Membership in Alpha Phi Omega (USA) is different from that in the Philippines.  As such, there is not a culture nor tradition in the United States of non-members masquerading as Alpha Phi Omega members.  There is also not the same measure of political advantage to be gained from posing as a Fraternity member in the U.S. Membership in Alpha Phi Omega (USA) while quite valued internally, is generally not sought after by non-members.  Requests to validate a person’s membership would generally be handled by merely asking the Brother.  If you have any need to “double-check” the membership status of a Brother (male or female) of Alpha Phi Omega (USA), we would merely recommend that you kindly and in the spirit of Brotherhood, ask that brother to show their membership card.  Certainly any routine request can in most cases be handled this way, rather than placing an administrative burden on the National Office of Alpha Phi Omega.”

Rationale:  In the Philippines, membership in Alpha Phi Omega is highly sought after and sometimes politically motivated.  There are non-members individuals who would lie about their membership status in the Fraternity (masquerade as members) for their own personal or political gain. In addition, the membership database of Alpha Phi Omega of the Philippines is not complete or accurate.

Submitted as part of the International Relations Board Report, Feb 2004






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