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Dear Freddie, 


Hello from the El Cid Resorts in beautiful Mazatlan!  I'm down here with 24 agents from western Canada, who are totally enjoying the city, the excursions, the beaches, the food, and of course the 4 El Cid Resorts.  Mazatlán, known as the "Pearl of the Pacific," is located on the Pacific Ocean, and affords guests amazing views and the authentic spirit of México.  


Thank you to WestJet Vacations, El Cid Resorts, Pronatours and the Mazatlan Hotel Association for their generosity and hospitality!


Watch for future FAM opportunities in our monthly DETM newsletter.  Let me know when I can schedule an office training for you, or a private webinar on any of our fine properties.

Dave Emery, Sales Manager, Canada, El Cid Resorts

EL CID RESORTS - 4 properties to choose from - truly Something for Everyone!
MAZATLAN - Exploring this beautiful Colonial City on the Beach, and the surrounding areas
AGENT QUOTES - See what the FAM agents are saying about El Cid and Mazatlan

El Cid Resorts has 4 resorts in Mazatlán for guests to choose from.  In addition, El Cid has it's own tour company (Pronatours), fishing fleet (Ares Fleet) and 27-hole championship golf course.

Sunset at El Cid El Moro Beach


Hayley, Andrew & Vanessa enjoying dinner at La Concha Restaurant at El Cid El Moro Beach


El Cid El Moro Beach & Castilla Beach view from Deer Island
Tour of El Patio Restaurant at the El Cid Granada


Marina El Cid marina
Marina El Cid marina
Agents enjoying one of the Marina El Cid's pools


Marnie's first catch! (Aries Fleet)













Agents enjoying the beach at the Marina El Cid
On the FAM, the agents have had lots of time to explore Mazatlan - the renovated downtown area on a city tour, spend the day at nearby Deer Island, experience nearby villages or Puerta de Canoas and El Quelite, taste local blue agave (tequilla).
Sigmar enjoying blue agave (tequilla) at Los Osuna distillery
Agents enjoying El Quelite


Mazatlan cliff divers
El Quelite church
Learning how blue agave (tequila) is made...before tasting...

Mazatlan malecon, one of the longest boardwalks in the Americas.
Spencer as part of the show in El Quelite


Mazatlan's downtown market
Exploring downtown Mazatlan on the Fun Bus.
Mexican iceberg
Tough day at the office - Deer Island


Ashley - Mazatlan is a really charming, authentic Mexican City.  I loved it!


Candace - El Cid and Mazatlan - definitely my surprise trip!  I was surprised by the great location of the (El Cid Castilla Beach) resort in the middle of the activity.  It felt comfortable, and the cleanliness and service were good.


Correna - The Marina El Cid was my favourite.  The pools, the beach and the staff were fantastic!


Deane - It's more than the sun that makes this a "warm destination."  It's the hearts of the people of Mazatlan that radiate kindness and sincere pride that make this experience memorable.


Freddie - El Cid...If I had a tail, it would be wagin'.  I also loved the El Precidio Restaurant...visiting downtown is a must!


Hayley - I was surprised at the sophistication found here in Mazatlan...the downtown district and the great dining!


Heather -  It was a most fantastic experience to see the old part of Mazatlan - the history, culture & people. It was a wonderful experience for me and I certainly enjoyed all I participated in!


Jamie - I loved the colonial feel of Mazatlan.  El Quelite was colorful & charming.  I have a new appreciation for blue agave (tequila) after seeing how it was made.


Janice - Mazatlan - The people are SO friendly & the feel is great.  I would bring back my family.  The El Cid staff were helpful and the service oriented.


Jerald - I highly recommend La Concha Restaurant at the El Cid El Moro property.  The food is excellent...I especially loved the marlin tostadas.  Now I feel confident recommending Mazatlan and the El Cid properties.


Jody - I had some great splash time at the El Cid pools!


ML   - Mazatlan was a great place to shop.  The people are not aggressive & money goes a long way.  El Cid - we were well taken care of.


Marnie - Mazatlan's welcoming & inviting charm offers an authentic cultural experience that leaves lasting memories.  El Cid is an excellent home-base to explore this beautiful colonial city.  The range of properties all offer outstanding service and great food.  The warm staff take care of the attention to detail that encourages you to visit again.


Randene - Mazatlan was great - architecturally & culturally.  It had the best of both worlds.  At El Cid, we felt taken care of and at home.


Rhonda - I forgot how much I loved Mazatlan, until I came back.  I'm in the real Mexico...Don't make me go home!


Rick - I was impressed with my wifi connectivity at the El Cid.  I loved the excellent food in Mazatlan.


Sabine - I would not hesitate to come back here to El Cid and Mazatlan with my family.


Sigmar - Mazatlan - a wonderful place and wonderful people.


Sheila - El Cid & Mazatlan  - They were Magical and full of things to do with very warm people everywhere we went.


Spencer - I just loved the real Mexican culture, from the comfort of a nice resort.  I would totally recommend the aquarium for families.  Try the Pacifico beer and Mexican espresso.


Sue - Mazatlan is a city where old meets new. Each corner of this destination is completely unique. Scratch beyond the surface there is so much more there... 


Vanessa - El Cid was the perfect balance of the Mexican touch with the comforts of a high end property, and close to everything in Mazatlan!


Zoe - Mazatlan was a wonderful series of "firsts" for me...It was my first time - at the ocean, in Mexico, in Mazatlan and at an all inclusive.  I felt right at home.


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