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Dear Dave, 

Hello from the El Cid Resorts in beautiful Mazatlan!  I'm down here with 20 agents from western Canada, who are totally enjoying the city, the excursions, the beaches, the food, and of course the 4 El Cid Resorts.  Mazatlán, known as the "Pearl of the Pacific," is located on the Pacific Ocean, and affords guests amazing views and the authentic spirit of México.  


Thank you to WestJet Vacations, El Cid Resorts, Pronatours and the Mazatlan Hotel Association for their generosity and hospitality!  Also, thank you to our other host properties, Pacific Palace (along with Oceano Palace and Luna Palace).


Watch for future FAM opportunities in our monthly DETM newsletter.  Let me know when I can schedule an office training for you, or a private webinar on any of our fine properties.

Dave Emery, Sales Manager, Canada, El Cid Resorts

El Cid Mazatlan FAM

EL CID RESORTS - 4 properties to choose from - truly Something for Everyone!
MAZATLAN - Exploring this beautiful Colonial City on the Beach, and the surrounding areas
WHAT AGENT ARE SAYING - Here are some comments from our FAM agents.

El Cid Resorts has 4 unique resorts in Mazatlán for guests to choose from.  Each resort has a variety of room and suite options along with many resort amenities.  In addition, El Cid has it's own tour company (Pronatours), fishing fleet (Ares Fleet) and 27-hole championship golf course.   

El Cid Castilla Beach & El Moro site inspection
El Cid Marina Beach 1 Bedroom Suite
Entertainment at the El Cid Marina Beach
El Cid Golf Course & Country Club
Deer Island Mazatlan
El Cid El Moro and Castilla Beach properties - view from Deer Island
On the FAM, the agents have had lots of time to explore Mazatlan - the renovated downtown area on a city tour, spending the day at nearby Deer Island, experiencing the aquarium, El Cid's golf course (for 18 holes), shopping and free time!
Deer Island tour
Machado square and cliff diving
Mazatlan cathedral
The market
Mazatlan aquarium

Deer island

Lidwina: "Mazatlan is a place to remember.  Pulmonias, delicious seafood, the malecon and beaches - it has so much to give an definitely is a destination I can share stories about.  El Cid's attention to details and thoughtfulness to its guest are impressive.  The Elite plan has so much value and the Elite lounge is amazing.  I love the smiles from the staff and guests on all it's properties."
Sarah:  "Mazatlan was welcoming and warm.  The El Cid properties were beautiful and elegant!"
Jocelyn:  "The pulmonia (open air taxi) ride was amazing, and the shrimp were delicious at the El Cid restaurants."
Kathy:  "Mazatlan is welcoming and the El Cid Marina Beach is amazingly beautiful."
Carol:  "Mazatlan is fun in the sun, whether being busy or laid back.  It has great people AND food!"
Romy:  "Mazatan is majestic, colonial and fabulous.  The beautiful opera house was obviously a continuity of life and love in the city."
Umila:  "I felt like a princess, waiting to people in the pulmonia parade to downtown.  Then the ambience of Machado square was great and I was certainly in the moment.  I enjoyed all of the succulent shrimp!"
Kourtney:  "El Cid was detail oriented and simple luxury.  Mazatlan was historic, but modern and welcoming."
Anne:  "El Cid is "The Master" of the land of deer (Mazatlan)."
Sheryl:  "El Cid is really luxury through choices."
Kiki:  "El Cid feels like my home in Mazalan."
Diane:  "I had a fantastic experience at the El Cid Marina Beach.  Mazatlan was lovely, warm and friendly."
Joan:  "I loved the whole FAM experience and agents must experience Mazatlan.  I was pleasantly surprised with Mazatlan - the beautiful beaches, malecon and fun pulmonias (open air taxis).  Transportation was easy.  It will be easy to sell he El Cid Marina Beach with it's great food and service, as well as the 65 second water taxi ride to the quiet beach."

Babette:  "I found Mazatlan to be quaint and charming - the real old Mexico.  The people were friendly and courteous."
Francoise:  "Mazalan is unspoiled and authentic.  The El Cid properties have something for everyone."
Michelle:  "I loved the Deer Island tour from PronaTours.  At the El Cid Marina Beach, I would recommend the gorgeous 1 bedroom suites."
Anita:  "I was impressed with the El Cid properties.  I really don't know which of the 4 properties I'd stay at.  The service and staff were great.  The golf course was fun, casual and welcoming."
Jimmy: "The El Cid Marina Beach is great and i liked the 1 bedroom suite.  The staff is helpful."
Linda:  "After 30 years since my last visit, Mazatlan has grown and we were pleasantly surprised.  El Cid has grown as well.  For location, I would prefer the El Cid properties in the center of the Golden Zone (Castilla Beach, Granada and El Moro).  The food was amazing!"

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resources El Cid Marina Beach sunset
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