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Dear Dave,
It's time for us to take a few weeks off.  We are excited about a British Isles cruise that we booked with our travel agent almost a year ago.  We are definitely looking forward to some "tastes of summer" on this itinerary.

Gustavo was able to enjoy some "tastes of summer" on our PVR FAM in June at the Hacienda by Hilton.

In my absence, you can use the following contacts for our accounts:
El Cid Resorts  - International Sales team - 
    Norma Cisneros, ncisneros@elcid.com.mx or
    Roberto Rivera, rrivera@elcid.com.mx
Honua Kai Resort & Spa - Maryanne Lopez, 
    Sales Manager (USA), MLopez@honuakai.com
    (808) 268- 9828
Krystal Resorts & Hilton Puerto Vallarta - Canadian Sale Reps -
     Sandy Ruel (Calgary) sandy@daemery.com
          (403) 477-7733
     Gustavo Inciarte (Vancouver) gustavo@daemery.com,              (778) 988-7857
      Cheryl Green (Toronto area) cheryl@daemery.com,                 (705) 715-6691


Enjoy some tastes of summer from our accounts!
Dave Emery
QuoteQuote of the Month
"If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him... the people who give you their food give you their heart."
Cesar Chavez
Krystal Puerto Vallarta  - Cucumber & Lemon Margarita;  Ceviche with Tropical Fruit 
Cucumber & Lemon Margarita

3 Cucumbers slices
3 Mint leaves
1 scoop of Sugar
3 Limes
1 shoot of Tequila
1 shoots of orange liquor
Salt, for rimming the glass.


1. Wet the rim of an old-fashioned or margarita glass and dip it in salt. Let stand until dry.
2. Add all the ingredients in your juicer or blender and shake until well chilled. Strain the cocktail into the rimmed glass and garnish with the cucumber slice and 1 mint leaf.
Ceviche with tropical fruits

1/2 cups fresh lime juice
1/4 pounds Mahi Mahi, skin removed, flesh cut.
1 medium ripe mango, peeled
1/4 Avocado finely diced
2 tomatoes finely diced
1 green pepper finely diced
1/4 small red onion finely diced
1/4 cup roughly chopped fresh cilantro
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil


1. Pour lime juice through a sieve set over a large glass bowl. Add the fish and gently stir to combine. Marinade for 4 hours and serve.
2. Serve the fruits and vegetables: mango, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, avocado and olive oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper and more lime juice, if desired.
Upcoming Online Training
Find links to sign up for any of these online training sessions HERE. All online training will be only 30 minutes.
Learn more about one of Puerto Vallarta's newest all-inclusive properties - the Hilton Puerto Vallarta, including the new Hacienda at Hilton. We will also include information on the Krystal properties in Cancun Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa and Acapulco.
To request a private online training session for you or your colleagues, please email Dave Emery (dave@daemery.com).
Photo Contest
Which of our accounts has a 27 hole championship golf course, and in what city?  Click HERE for a tip.

Congratulations to Anja Chow, of Uniglove Sunburst Travel in Prince George, BC for winning last month's Photo Contest and gift card. 
Client Resources
If you are looking for the latest brochure, promotion, news article or training resource from most of our clients, we have created a webpage where you can easily find the latest information.
Also, stay updated on the latest news, announcements and FAM information by connecting to our Facebook page HERE: 

In this issue
bullet HONUA KAI Resort & Spa - Hawaiian Delight Cake & Mango Margarita
bullet EL CID RESORTS - Frozen Willy, Tuna Salad, Golf Packages
bullet KRYSTAL RESORTS -  Cucumber & Lemon Margarita; Ceviche with tropical fruit
bullet SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT -  Wine & Cheese
bullet Quote of the Month
bullet Quick Links
HAWAIIAN  DELIGHT CAKE                                
bullet1White Cake Mix
bullet8 oz. cream cheese
bullet3 oz. package instand banana pudding
bullet8 oz. Cool Whip
bullet1 Large can crushed pineapple
bullet2 cups milk
bulletSall package shredded coconut
bulletSmall package chopped macadamia nuts
bulletSmall can mandarin oranges
Drain pineapple juice into a separate bowl. Mix cake Batter and substitute the water portion with drained pineapple juice & fill the rest with water to complete the measurement
Bake cake in 9 x 13 inch pan as directed. Cool in pan.
Beat cream cheese, milk, and instant pudding powder until smooth. Fold in the crushed (drained) pineapple into the spread.
Then spread mix onto the cooled cake.
Add Cool Whip on top.
Sprinkle on shredded coconut & chopped macadamia nuts as desired
(shredded coconut optional and macadamia nuts may be substituted with livered almonds)
Top with two pieces of mandarin orange per piece



bullet2 whole limes
bullet2 tablespoons coarse sugar (decorator's sugar)
bullet2 jars (20 oz) mango chunks, drained
bullet1-1/2 cup Tequilla
bullet1-1/2 cup Triple Sec
bullet½ cup sugar


Zest the limes and lay the zest on a plate.  If you have the time, let the zest dry out for 10 minutes or so.  Pour the course sugar over the zest and toss it around with your fingers to combine.  Lime sugar!  Yum.
Throw the mango chunks into a blender.  Pour in the tequila, triple sec and sugar.  Squeeze in the juice of the limes, then top off the whole thing with ice.  Blend it until it's totally smooth.  Give it a taste, then add more of what you think it needs.
To serve, cut a small wedge in one of the juice limes, and rub the lime all over the rim of the glass to moisten.  Dip the rim of the glasses in the lime sugar to give it a pretty, crystally rim.
Pour in the margaritas and serve immediately!

Remember, Honua Kai Resort & Spa broke ground in April on 72 luxury 3-bedroom townhomes on the grassy area behind

We have an ongoing booking bonus for agents booking one of our Royal Collection suites.

Don't forget to remind your Honua Kai clients to use the #HKMemories to share their Honua Kai memories.
ElCidEl Cid Resorts - Frozen Willy, Tuna Salad & Golf Packages
FROZEN WILLY ( Invented by  El Cid's Waiter Fidel Valenzuela)


2 cups of ice
1 shot of Vodka Absolut
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1 half banana
1 shot of coconut cream
1 cup of frozen Mango
1 spoon of chili powder (Tajin)
1 shot of pineapple juice
Preparation:  Place the ice, vodka, strawberries, banana, coconut cream, mango and pineapple juice in a blender. Blend until you get a homogeneous consistency. Decorate the glass with frosting the edge of it with chili powder, and place a slice of orange or pineapple on the side.


1 tuna can (good one)
1 cream teaspoon
1 mayonnaise teaspoon
¼ cups diced parsley
1 olive oil teaspoon
¼ Cups Diced green garlic
1 Pinneapple slice
1 tomato slice
Mix all the ingredients until you see an uniform paste, place the Pinneaple slice over the plate and accommodate the tuna on it, once you have this in the top place your favorite ingredient.

Here is the latest El Cid Golf package, featuring their 27-hole championship golf course.

El Cid Rewards Dog
Don't forget to register all of your El Cid bookings in the generous El Cid Rewards program.  It provides points for online shopping or gift certificates (details HERE) and is always available for agents to enjoy, both with direct and tour operator partner bookings.




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The DETM Team

Dave Emery
Dave Emery


Gustavo Inciarte


Cheryl Green

HeegWine & Cheese
Wine & Cheese are the foundation of a great BBQ. Here's the foundation of a solid social campaign. Don't miss these 2 things that will have you cookin' this summer.

Catherine Heeg is an International Speaker and Trainer in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Focusing on social media, sales and marketing, Catherine understands and speaks your language.
Connect with Catherine at www.cmsspeaking.com
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