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Dear Dave,

Last month, I asked you about your "happy place" and shared with you mine (Palm Springs & Europe).


Then I started thinking about my Best Travel Adventures.  I just got back from camping in/visiting Yellowstone National Park (mostly in Wyoming) for the first time.  It was amazing - the geysers, boiling mud pots, colourful pools, canyons, animals.... I can't wait to go back.  Yellowstone definitely made my top 3 travel adventures.


Probably the other 2 top travel adventures were the Galapagos Islands 


and Hawaii Volcano's National Park.

It dawned on me that all of these travel adventure locations featured amazing VOLCANIC geography!  


I hope you also have some exciting adventures in your future travel plans.  Happy selling!


Dave Emery

Photo Contest
Name 3 of the 5 countries that Realistic Asia does standard and customized tour in.  Click HERE for a tip. 
Congratulations to Susan Mustard of Expedia Cruise Ship Centers in Surrey, BC, for winning last month's Photo Contest and gift card. 
Upcoming Online Training
Find links to sign up for any of these online training sessions HERE. All online training will be only 30 minutes.
Get a great overview of the 7 El Cid resorts on both coast of Mexico (Mazatlan, Riviera Maya & Cozumel), and learn which resorts would be perfect for your various clients.  You will also be reminded of the El Cid Rewards program and any current agent promotions.
To request a private online training session for you or your colleagues, please email Dave Emery (dave@daemery.com).
In this issue
bullet EL CID - Mazatlan FAM
bullet S VIET TRAVEL -  Rebranding as REALISTIC ASIA!
bullet EL CID  - See what the FAM agents are saying
bullet Upcoming Online Training (webinars)
bullet SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT -   Volcanic email list growth
bullet Quote of the Month
bullet Quick Links
RewardsEl Cid Resorts - Mazatlan FAM
I just got back from taking 14 great travel agents from western Canada on a 7 day FAM to the El Cid properties in Mazatlan. We are thankful to WestJet Vacations and 
PronaTours,for their support in allowing our agents to really become Mazatlan, as well as El Cid Resorts experts!
The agents had a week to explore the 4 El Cid Resorts.  


We were treated with amazing food at all of the various El Cid restaurants.  Of course, your clients will enjoy the same.

The agents got to explore El Cid's 27-hole championship golf course.  Of course there are some great golf packages for clients.  Find more details HERE.


See a quick summary of what the FAM agents are saying HERE.

Always remember to:
1.  REGISTER  your El Cid Resort bookings, for all 7 Resorts, on both coasts of Mexico!  Earn generous points for each booking, that are good for lots of rewards in the catalog (iPads, gift cards, TV`s, etc.)  You can find the full details of the Bonus Points offer HERE.  Just report your bookings at the El Cid Rewards Program
2. EMAIL:  Earn a $50 Visa Gift Card for every booking of 5 nights or more at any of the 4 El Cid Resorts in Mazatlan!  Check out the details HERE.  (Note you must send your booking details to incentives@elcid.com.mx to get your gift card.) 
As a part of their expanding strategy, we are pleased to announce that the company name will officially change from S Viet Travel to Realistic Asia.  The new website is: https://realisticasia.com/


Remember that for over 15 years they have been providing amazing standard/scheduled and customized tours in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand Laos and Myanmar.


They are happy to quote you net pricing in CAD, including everything (transfers, local flights, hotel accommodations, most meals, etc.) except the flights to and from North America.  You can generally get a quote on a customized unique tour for your clients within 24 yours HERE.

Clients can select 3, 4 or 5* hotel accommodations, depending on their budget and preferences.  Note that even the standard tours are generally 15 people or less, and support is available for travel agents and clients 24x7 online.  

Click HERE for both Travel agent and Consumer flyers (agents can brand)  Give them a shot at your next southeast Asia travel quote!


The DETM Team

Dave Emery
Dave Emery


Sandy Ruel

Heeg Volcanic email list growth
Are you looking for an explosion of volcanic proportions? (In your email list growth, that is) There's 1 thing that I've found to work like a charm. You've probably seen....read more

Catherine Heeg is an International Speaker and Trainer in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Focusing on social media, sales and marketing, Catherine understands and speaks your language.
Connect with Catherine at www.cmsspeaking.com
QuoteQuote of the Month
"Every volcano is a powerful illustration of God's character. He is a Vesuvius of goodness, life, and energy." 
Reinhard Bonnke
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EC2El Cid Resorts - WestJet - Mazatlan FAM - What agents are saying about El Cid Resorts and Mazatlan
Here is a quick summary of what the FAM agents are saying.
Jennifer Noske, Ocean Breeze Cruise & Travel, Abbotsford, BC
There is something for everyone (at El Cid Resorts)! If it's in your budget the Elite club is SO worth it! I love that they have a kids club AND teens club!
*What will you tell your clients about Mazatlan? My favourite Mexican Destination! You must do at least one tour while you're here, just because you'll appreciate it so much more! The history here is rich, old and colourful. I will tell my colleagues to recommend Mazatlan!!!!!!!!!
Nick Jennings, Artistic Travel, Calgary, AB
I like the El Cid El Moro, I like the location and the ocean view rooms. The La Concha Restaurant has a great menu. The service was excellent in this resort. The suites here are unreal. They are so luxurious in every way.
I loved the cleanliness of Mazatlan. It is easy to get around. I liked the tours available for the clients to consider while on vacation. The historical tours of MZT were a great learning experience. That's another point of interest for a family with children to learn.
Laura Hilderman, West's Travel, Castlegar, BC
Why would you visit Mazatlan?
-If you love sunshine and miles of beaches
-If you love open air cabs (pulmonias) 

-If you love great day tours to unique small Mexican villages with distilleries and authentic Mexican food
-If you love short convenient flights to a safe and fun city
....then you will love Mazatlan!
Why would you stay at one of the "El Cid Resorts" in MZT?
-if you like a comfortable, clean, mid-to-high range family friendly resort
-if you like a selection of active and quiet pools
-if you like to stay in a resort with options for no meals or "all inclusive" or upgrade to elite package
-if you like spacious, clean, comfortable rooms with kitchenettes or full kitchens
-If you like safe and secure resorts where you feel welcome
-if you like getting great value for the money you spend on your vacation
.......then you will love El Cid Resorts.  
Cathy Ireland, Fareconnect, Esterhazy, SK
The NUMBER ONE  thing I would tell both my clients and my colleagues about El Cid is that the SERVICE is EXCEPTIONAL! (El Cid has) Four amazing resorts to choose from.

(Mazatlan is) The Pacific Pearl and a safe, friendly place with modern amenities and historic sites.
(There are) A large variety of activities available - tours, shopping, fishing and golf. (Definitely) experience the Malecon and see the cliff divers.
Leah Holt, Go Travel Company, Edson, AB
What will you tell your CLIENTS about EL CID RESORTS (in Mazatlán)?
El Cid Resorts is a well-rounded Resort suitable for families, couples, groups, and Guy / girl getaways. The golf packages are a great option for the Avid golfer.
Upgrade to the Elite Club and have access to all four of these Resorts, restaurants, pools and beach clubs, 24-hour room service, Elite Lounge, guaranteed ocean view and much more!

(I'll tell my colleagues to) SIGN UP for El Cid Rewards!  Check out the travel agent site as their lots of information, pictures and videos there for you to use.  Right now there is extra bonus for booking Mazatlan!!
El Cid offers 4 and 7 night Golf Packages (info on agent site) that we can sell and get 15% commission on.
(Regarding Mazatlan) there are many interesting land and water excursions available in this destination offered by Pronatours!! Email Pronatours to book tours direct and receive 15% commission.  reserve@pronatours.com.mx  

Mazatlan is much more developed than I had thought!
Gary Rams, Crowfoot Travel, Calgary, AB
This was the first beach and sun fam that I really felt  that I had time to learn about the feel of the place. 
I now feel that I will be able to sell Mazatlan and El Cid to my clients. 
Love the room and the service overall was very good. I like that they hired so many people. That is a win-win. 
Food overall is great.
Mazatlan is now on my radar and I will sell it to some of my clients. It is a true resort town and I feel confident that El Cid will look after my clients. Yes love that it (Mazatlan) still has that Mexican feel (of) Old Mexico. Love the tours to visit the present and past. Will tell clients that Mazatlan is not just about beaches and pools. Mazatlan feels safe and the old town part is very interesting. 
Sena Dolanjski, Sena Travel, Vancouver, BC
Mazatlan is much more than I expected. (It is a) Place where you can learn about history and culture of Mexico. (It has) Something for all ages.   (I will tell) my colleagues to book it (Mazatlan) with confidence.

El Cid Resorts (has) Great service and very comfortable and (is a) safe place to stay. Highly recommend Elite Club. I will feel much more confident suggesting it to my clients. This is one of the most educational, well organized and fun fam.
Kristin Schmidt, Carlson Wagonlit, Kelowna, BC
I will tell my clients that there is something for everyone. I would highly recommend the El Cid Castilla Beach and El Cid El Moro for families. There are lots of activities, family friendly entertainment and huge rooms. I'll recommend the El Cid Granada for those seniors looking for peace and quiet or possibly a long stay. Lastly, I'll recommend the El Cid Marina Beach for those looking for an upscale, beautiful and peaceful setting. I will stress how amazing and welcoming the people are and that I felt very safe.

Mazatlan is an incredible destination with so much to offer.  I think it's perfect for those who have already experienced other Mexican destinations and are looking for something different. I'm excited to tell them about all the different tours so they can learn about the history and culture. The location of the hotels and transportation options make it so easy to get around. Mazatlan offers excellent value for your money.
Lyndsay Zakaluk, Flight Centre, Winnipeg, MB
What will you tell your CLIENTS about EL CID RESORTS (in Mazatlán)?
Pros: The rooms are a great size, especially at El Moro which can easily accommodate a family of four or more.
The pools are awesome! I like that you can swim in a total of 5 different pools if you have the Elite Club upgrade. The beach at the Marina is the place to be for a day of relaxing so get the elite club upgrade. Food and drinks are great!
Mazatlán as a destination? Amazing! There's so much culture and history that's unlike anything else in Mexico. The malecon is great, especially if you go check out the famous cliff divers. Mazatlan is great for anyone who likes to go out and explore the city.
Jaime Murcheson, Flight Centre, Courtenay, BC
 (El Cid Resorts) is the place to stay in Mazatlan. You have 4 properties and each one has its own personality allowing you to stay longer and not get bored. Visit the excitement of the Castillo in the day or relax at the adult only pool at Moro beach.  You are easy and safe walking distance to the longest malecon in Mexico, and fun nightlife. If you are wanting to explore you do not have far to go since the resort has its own marina and boats.  You have golf across the street, and a fantastic gym. Free transfers connect you all day. The property is perfect for larger families as the room are massive.
Mazatlan is a fun city filled with so much history. You have some great day excursions that are only a few hours from town. The city lights up at night and you can go enjoy the malecon listening to local music or stopping at some pop up markets. The city historic centre has a few great restaurants to try out. It us only 45 minutes from the marina and you can spend half a day on Deer Island. Easy adventure for the kids. There is something you could do daily to balance the resort vacation with exploring and adventure.
Celly Igonia, Vision Travel, Richmond, BC
I can't wait to share my amazing experience to all my clients, friends, family and colleagues the beauty of Mazatlán.
To consider Mazatlán as the next destination to visit. Beaches, the sun, history , natural attractions .. all this and more .. is now one of my favourite places and I just love this city. And I know they'll gonna love it too!
EL CID RESORTS - the best place to stay. Friendly staff, good food, cleanliness , and so much more.
All four properties has its own unique characteristic , from moderate to a first class accommodation . My experience staying in one of the properties is "Excellente"! I just love EL CID resorts. And I know they'll gonna love it too!
Pattie Kisilewich, Deamaker Vacations/The Travel Agent Next Door, Edmonton, AB
El Cid Resorts has a lot of potential for multi generational travel.  I can qualify other clients to chose the correct resort.  For all resorts I will recommend the elite plan as it is worry free. 
Mazatlan surprised me as well.  It is much larger and more advanced than I thought.  Pronotours provide a great service for tours and cabs are safe and plentiful.  Like I said tonight, though I am not a big partier, night markets are very attractive to me for an authentic travel experience.   I would recommend clients to make the trip to the malecon and then to the market.   
Chelsea Landaverde Something Azul Destination Weddings/New West Travel, Cochrane, AB
(Clients will) have a huge advantage getting married with El Cid due to the flexibility in budget for all their guests, utilizing the 4 properties.  In addition to the potential for massive savings with the extra guests being free at the wedding based on having 30 room nights booked in elite. 
There is a hotel for everyone.  Whether you are looking for quiet, active, older or young.  Kids and teens clubs that operate till 9pm is a bonus, not found everywhere. The pools are amazing with lots of rock formations s for kids to play.  Lots of selection for food.  As an agent with some strict food restrictions I was always able to find plenty food. Get all inclusive and get the elite. 
Mazatlan - It feels safe even out at night walking.  It feels quieter during the day and a lot busier during the night. Lots of peaceful towns to visit around Mazatlan.  Try to go out and try the local food and not to be scared to leave the resort.

Sandy Knox, The Travel Agent Next Door, Red Deer, AB
El Cid Resorts are great multi-generational properties with a great atmosphere. El Cid has great budget friendly properties that can accommodate families of 6.   (El Cid Resorts has) beautiful options for weddings
I felt very safe in Mazatlan, (and it has an) amazing nightlife with casinos, bars, restaurants, food vendors on the Malecon. Take the local pulmonia's for a great city tour and experience. This utterly was an amazing experience. 

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