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Introducing KRYSTAL KASH!
The Krystal Resorts Agent Incentive Program
Dear Dave,
Many agents have asked over the years if Krystal Resorts has an Agent Incentive Program. Well, the answer now is YES Ė KRYSTAL KASH! 
Canadian agents can now earn a minimum of $40 CAD for each booking! (Click HERE for the full program details.) 
Certainly taking advantage of hotelier and vendor rewards programs can help add to your bottom line! I also know that registering and tracking your bookings with hoteliers with Agent Rewards programs can be a big challenge. Notebooks and stick notes can only help so much with tracking the websites, rules and even the hoteliers that have rewards programs.  
Surprisingly, more than a few agents have told me they donít participate in any agent incentive programs, citing various reasons including remembering:
       which vendors have agent incentive programs
       the procedure for registering their bookings (websites, emails, etc.)
       user names and passwords for the vendor websites
       which of their client bookings they have already registered
POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Well, I have a solution that can help with all of the above. A while ago I created a spreadsheet to help agents manage their agent incentive bookings. I organize much of my life details with spreadsheets, and it may help some agents also. Iíve added the new Krystal Kash program to this spreadsheet. Iíve also added a tab to help agents remember when and if you have registered your client bookings. You can download the little spreadsheet HERE.
If you are booking any of the Krystal Grand, Krystal or the Hilton Puerto Vallarta properties, I hope you do take advantage of these additional perks.
Thank you for your support!
Stay safe, stay hopeful and keep in touch.
Dave Emery
So you don't have time for one of our 25 minute webinars on August 26? Well, how about checking out the quick (4 min) Krystal Grand Cancun HERE. Of course you can find fact sheets, wedding information and other resources for all the Krystal properties HERE.
bullet Introducing KRYSTAL KASH
bullet Krystal Grand Cancun - One Minute Video
bullet Krystal Cancun and Los Cabos Webinars - 8/26
bullet STAY SAFE & CLEAN program
bullet Quick Links & Resources
Canadian travel agents can now earn e-gift cards for each of the Krystal Resorts, Krystal Grand Resorts, Hilton Puerto Vallarta and the Hacienda booking per the details below and on the KRYSTAL KASH webpage!
Here are some of the details:
$40 CAD gift card for each room booking (minimum stay 6 nights AI) during high season (Dec-April)
$50 CAD gift card for each room booking (min 6 nights AI) during low season (May-Nov)
Group bookings are eligible for the incentive and the maximum paid per group booking is $300 CAD
Agents need to email the COMPLETE booking details to before or within 1 week after the clients check out
KRYSTAL KASH program is valid NOW and for bookings made on or after August 16, 2021
fistfull cash pic
Krystal Grand Cancun, Krystal Cancun and Krystal Grand Los Cabos Ė These are three Krystal properties in several of the most popular Mexican destinations.
Learn a bit more about these 3 properties on one of our 30 minute webinars next week. 
Sign up here:  
Click HERE to find the sign-up links for all upcoming webinars.
Krystal Resorts is proud to be the first Mexican hotel chain to announce a sanitary certification program under the name Stay Safe & Clean, based on compliance with strict hygiene and sanitization protocols, which will be audited and certified with the main objective for our guests to feel safe in our hotels
The Krystal staff are doing everything necessary so that when your clients resume their business and pleasure trips, you can feel the highest confidence and trust in their very high Hygiene standards when recommending any of the hotels we manage. CLICK HERE to watch a 38 second video on the protocols at the Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta.
DETM is an acronym for David Emery Travel Marketing. We are a Vancouver-area based company providing quality travel industry representation in Canada since 2009.
Of course, Cancun is the #1 destination for Canadians traveling to Mexico. Name one of your favourite things to do in or around Cancun. (If you haven't been, what are you looking forward to do in your first visit?)
CLICK HERE to enter your answer or send an email to
Check here next month to see this month's winner of the contest and gift card.
Congratulations to Christine Ward of Great Escapes in Winnipeg, MB for winning last month's Krystal Photo Contest and gift card.
If you are looking for the latest brochure, promotion, news article or training resource from most of our clients, we have created a webpage where you can easily find the latest information.







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