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Dear Dave,
Well I don't know about you, but it was a low key (stress free) Thanksgivings Day this week. We did do turkey dinner, but it was a takeout. Other friends and relatives I saw where having Thai, Vietnamese or pizza for Thanksgiving. Frankly, I would have been thankful for even those perfect tacos from the Krystal Grand Los Cabos!
I guess it isn't what you eat but it's about being thankful for our blessings, in spite of the pandemic, that really counts.
And a quick reminder...don't forget that in August we launched the Krystal Resorts Agent Incentive Program - KRYSTAL KASH! 
Canadian agents can now earn a minimum of $40 CAD for each booking! (Click HERE for the full program details.) 
Stay safe, stay hopeful and keep in touch.
Dave Emery
You can´t visit Mexico without enjoying a good TACO. In Krystal Grand Los Cabos you can enjoy delicious and authentic Baja style fish tacos that are the perfect pool snack, just stop by Surfos snack bar to try them. 
At 8:00p.m. in the same spot you can find La Taquería that offers more tacos varieties such as the traditional “tacos al pastor”.
Click HERE to take a quick view of what awaits you in your next vacation to Krystal Grand Los Cabos.
Krystal Grand Cancun, Krystal Cancun and the Krystal Grand Los Cabos
Learn a bit more about these 3 properties on one of our 30 minute webinars next week. As a bonus we will update you on the Krystal Beach Acapulco property also 
Sign up here:  
Click HERE to find the sign-up links for all upcoming webinars.
bullet Hilton Puerto Vallarta - Amazing Spa Treatment
bullet Krystal Grand Nuevo Valllarta - Sunsets & Swim out Suites
bullet Krystal Grand Los Cabos - The Perfect Tacos
bullet Cancun and Los Cabos Webinars 10/19
bullet STAY SAFE & CLEAN program
bullet Quick Links & Resources
Enhance your Puerto Vallarta getaway with a visit to Eternity Spa, at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta, where our treatments will delight your senses and relax your body, mind and soul. Indulge both body and mind with our exclusive floatation therapy.
During the floating session, our mind produces slower brain wave patterns, known as theta waves, which are experienced during deep meditation or moments before falling asleep. Floating is a solution for treating stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.
floatarium pic
Sunsets are full of magic at the Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta. Visit our Sky Bar, adults only and fall in love with the Riviera Nayarit .
The property also invites your clients to relax in the comfort of a beautiful Altitude Club Jr. Suite Swim Out and experience direct access to their semi-private pool.
All of our rooms receive a thorough disinfection treatment prior to their arrival, with detail on those high-touch areas such as the room access handle, light switches, television control and other touch points.
Click HERE to get a 1 minute tour of the KGNV property.
Krystal Resorts is proud to be the first Mexican hotel chain to announce a sanitary certification program under the name Stay Safe & Clean, based on compliance with strict hygiene and sanitization protocols, which will be audited and certified with the main objective for our guests to feel safe in our hotels
The Krystal staff are doing everything necessary so that when your clients resume their business and pleasure trips, you can feel the highest confidence and trust in their very high Hygiene standards when recommending any of the hotels we manage. CLICK HERE to watch a 38 second video on the protocols at the Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta.
DETM is an acronym for David Emery Travel Marketing. We are a Vancouver-area based company providing quality travel industry representation in Canada since 2009.
What is the #1 destination for Canadians traveling to Mexico? (Tip: Krystal Resorts and the Santa Fe Groupo Hotelero have 3 resorts in the area.)
CLICK HERE to enter your answer or send an email to dave@daemery.com.
Check here next month to see this month's winner of the contest and gift card.

Congratulations to Sheryl Stewart of Celebration Travel in White Rock, BC for winning last month's Krystal Photo Contest and gift card.
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