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Krystal Resort Properties &
the Hilton Puerto Vallarta Update
Dear Dave,
With the days in BC getting darker, colder and rainier, heading to any of the Mexican sun destinations is looking better and better!
Pretty soon all of the beautiful Fall colours will be gone, and we will be left with shades of gray.  
Remember to take and watch for those 2 steps forward while we may still have 1 step backwards. Travel IS slowly coming back and moving to a “new normal”.
And a quick reminder...don't forget that in August we launched the Krystal Resorts Agent Incentive Program - KRYSTAL KASH! 
Stay safe, stay hopeful and keep in touch.
Dave Emery
“Cheers to a wonderful vacation!
Did you know that upon your arrival at Krystal Grand Los Cabos you will be greeted with a refreshing welcome drink?
From your first step into the resort, you will be feeling the Cabo vibe and tasting delicious cocktails for an awesome getaway start.
Here is an easy recipe you can prepare at home that will surely make you feel like you are on vacation.
Berries, Mint and Citrus Infusion
5 oz. Mineral water
2 oz. Lime-Lemon Soft Drink
0.5 Oz. Lemon juice
Lemon / Orange slice
Cut the berries, mint, and slice the lemon or orange and add it to the cup.
Add the rest of the ingredients and mix.
Garnish with a lemon slice or mint. Enjoy!
Click HERE to take a quick view of what awaits you in your next vacation to Krystal Grand Los Cabos.
It is my pleasure to announce that Tina Kensett has joined DETM as our newest team member. Many of you, especially those of you in Calgary, may have met Tina when attending events at the Wesjet campus over the past 14 years. You can read more about Tina's travel agent and WestJet experience HERE. You can also expect to get a phone call or visit (when appropriate) from Tina in the future.
You can email Tina at
It has been a pleasure working with my colleague and friend, Sandy Ruel, over the past 7 years. I wish her luck and relaxing as she moves into retirement.
If you are looking for the latest brochure, promotion, news article or training resource from most of our clients, we have created a webpage where you can easily find the latest information.

Introducing Tina Kensett


Krystal Cancun - Big 40th Celebration


Krystal Grand Nuevo Valllarta - The Grill


Krystal Grand Los Cabos - Welcome Drink


Puerto Vallarta Webinars 11/23






Quick Links & Resources

This year, the Krystal Cancun Hotel celebrates turning 40 years old!
The property was built in 1981 by the De la Parra family, and designed by Mr. Guillermo de la Parra, his wife Mrs. Yolanda Vargas Dulché (a famous writer) and their 5 children. It began operation with 250 rooms on November 12, 1981. At that time guests could enjoy the “A” Tower and the “Aquamarina” and “Las Velas” (formerly “Rarotonga”) restaurants.
One of the property icons is undoubtedly the seven pillars, which represent “The Mexican Family.” Even today, they continue to be the perfect setting for photo shoots and events.
After 40 years, Krystal Cancun continues to offer the best of the destination, located in Punta Cancun, the heart of activities and entertainment.
Congratulations to Krystal Cancun on 40 great years of welcoming guests!
Visit The Grill, our à la carte specialty restaurant during your next stay at #KrystalGrandNuevoVallarta!
Don't forget to make your reservation with concierge and check the dress codes for our various restaurants..
Click HERE to get a 1 minute tour of the KGNV property.
Krystal Resorts is proud to be the first Mexican hotel chain to announce a sanitary certification program under the name Stay Safe & Clean, based on compliance with strict hygiene and sanitization protocols, which will be audited and certified with the main objective for our guests to feel safe in our hotels
The Krystal staff are doing everything necessary so that when your clients resume their business and pleasure trips, you can feel the highest confidence and trust in their very high Hygiene standards when recommending any of the hotels we manage. CLICK HERE to watch a 38 second video on the protocols at the Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta.
And a quick reminder...don't forget that in August we launched the Krystal Resorts Agent Incentive Program - KRYSTAL KASH! 
Canadian agents can now earn a minimum of $40 CAD for each booking! (Click HERE for the full program details.) 
DETM is an acronym for David Emery Travel Marketing. We are a Vancouver-area based company providing quality travel industry representation in Canada since 2009.
How many years has the Krystal Cancun been open?
CLICK HERE to enter your answer or send an email to
Check here next month to see this month's winner of the contest and gift card.

Congratulations to Kres Donnelly of Under the Tuscan Sun Travel in Winnipeg, MB for winning last month's Krystal Photo Contest and gift card.
Hilton PVR pool pic
Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta, Krystal Puerto Vallarta, Hilton Puerto Vallarta and The Hacienda by Hilton Puerto Vallarta –
Learn a bit more about these 4 properties on one of our 30 minute webinars next week. As a bonus we will update you on the Krystal Ixtapa property also 
Sign up here:  
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