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Properties Update
(November 2022)
At the beginning of the month, Krystal Resorts rebranded 3 of our properties to the new, luxury “Krystal Altitude” brand.  
You have sold the Hilton Puerto Vallarta for a decade now, but it is now the Krystal Altitude Vallarta. Note that it is only a name change as the property and staff will stay the same, and there will be no disruptions for guest bookings in the future. This property has been managed by the Santa Fe Grupo Hotelero since it opened in 2012. SFGH also manages all of the Krystal Grand and Krystal Resorts properties.  
Likewise, the former Hacienda by Hilton Puerto Vallarta (the sister property) is now the Hacienda at Krystal Altitude Vallarta.
In addition, the popular Krystal Grand Cancun is now the Krystal Altitude Cancun.
Dave Emery
Could it be time for your clients to pamper their bodies and souls? Our spa team works tirelessly to create a harmonious atmosphere for complete stress release.
Click HERE for a 1 minute tour of the Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta.
Check out this new 97 second video for the Krystal Ixtapa HERE. Think about which clients would be perfect to send to this property.
Find the fact sheet for the Krystal Ixtapa HERE.
If you are looking for the latest brochure, promotion, news article or training resource from most of our clients, we have created a webpage where you can easily find the latest information.
bullet WEBINARS - Krystal - Puerto Vallarta & Ixtapa area properties - 11/24
bullet Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta - Spa
bullet Krystal Ixtapa - New Video
bullet Krystal Altitude Vallarta - New Restaurants
bullet Krystal Puerto Vallarta - Aquamarina Restaurant
bullet KRYSTAL KASH program
bullet Quick Links & Resources
Krystal Altitude Vallarta has a new Italian restaurant dinner experience -The Trattoria Restaurant. Reservations are necessary, and guests will enjoy pizzas, wine and other Italian dishes.
In addition, we are happy to announce a new restaurant, “Steak House” in the
Hacienda at Krystal Altitude Vallarta. This a la carte restaurant features amazing BBQ meats that clients will should love.
Click HERE to find more information about the Krystal Altitude Vallarta.
Guests can check out the Aquamarina Restaurant, which is open daily from 7 to 11 am. It’s not just breakfast, it’s a great start to the day!
Click HERE for more resources for the Krystal Puerto Vallarta.
A quick reminder that in August 2021 we launched the Krystal Resorts Agent Incentive Program - KRYSTAL KASH! 
Canadian agents can now earn a minimum of $40 CAD for each booking! (Click HERE for the full program details.) 
Krystal Altitude Vallarta, Hacienda, Krystal Puerto Vallarta, Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta, Krystal Ixtapa and more...
Learn a bit more about these properties on one of our 30 minute webinars next week.
Sign up here:  
Click HERE to find the sign-up links for all upcoming webinars.
Hilton PVR lounge
What is the name of the new luxury brand for Krystal Resorts?
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Check here next month to see this month's winner of the contest and gift card.
Congratulations to Jacqui Mosiondz of Fareconnect in Winnipeg, MB for winning last month's Krystal Photo Contest and $25 CAD gift card.
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