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Drumheller, Alberta


             Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia                                                  Malta 




          Galapagos, Ecuador                                  Machu Picchu, Peru

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IMG_2771_web.JPG (148952 bytes)        IMG_3065_web.JPG (139080 bytes)                        

               Maui, Hawaii                                                 Alaska


 Monterey, Calif                        Sairgao Island, Cloud 9, Philippines

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IMG_8380_web.JPG (144742 bytes)                                             



          Nacious                           Malaysian Sunset              Prince George Island

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DSC01417 web.JPG (204860 bytes)                                                              

          Mountain Color                   Indonesian Sunset                    Historic Terrace         Chinese New Year Parade

          Mt Shuksan, WA


Quaint Quebec                         Mexican Patio                       Market Vendor

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New York's Finest                  Quebec City at Night                  The Lily



Vancouver Harbor                   The Lady                          Magical Hallway

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Sunset on the Inside Passage                 Glacier Park                          The Sunflower



   The Piglet                         Whirling Dervish                          Turkish Sunset

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                                06-08 Aya Sophia IMG_3193 web.JPG (169338 bytes)

                  Byzantine Cistern                                          Aya Sophia           


                                       03 dave_kitchen garden IMG_7445 enh web.JPG (117386 bytes)

     Spice Bazaar                           "Before"                         Kitchen Garden

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Primary Colors                    Spare Change?                      Greek Door


Vancouver at Night                          Boardwalk                                   Boxcars    

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The Soldier                          Central Park                              Lily       


Windmill Memories                           Flood                               St Patrick's       

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  The Tulip                          Pink                             The Parade                         Seagull        


Strength                     Footprints                               Maui                            The Taxi 

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