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Welcome Palmer
(DETM October Newsletter)
Dear Dave,
We just welcomed Palmer to our family. His name is short for “palmera” meaning palm tree in Spanish. 
Some of you will remember that we lost our little dog, Ralphie, to heart disease about 3 years ago. She was the stray that we adopted in Palm Springs, California 8 years ago. Well, it was time to welcome another little member to our family. 
We adopted Palmer from the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. 
He is a Chihuahua-mix, about 2 years old, overweight (21 pounds) and a bit nervous. So far he is starting to settle into a routine. Surprisingly he is a well-mannered little dog - totally housetrained, OK on the leash, no barking, no chewing, no separation anxiety, no jumping on furniture and great in the car.
Palmer should make a great little companion on local sales calls, when appropriate. 
Stay safe and strong.
Dave Emery
Find links to sign up for any of these online training sessions HERE. All online training will be only 30 minutes.  For "anytime watching", check out a links to our prerecorded sessions HERE.
Get a great overview of the 7 El Cid resorts on both coast of Mexico (Mazatlan, Riviera Maya & Cozumel), and learn which resorts would be perfect for your various clients. You will also be reminded of the El Cid Rewards program and any current agent promotions.

Take just a few minutes to learn a bit more about the Krystal Resorts in Cancun and Los Cabos.
In addition, learn about the KRYSTAL KASH Agent Incentive Program, and the Stay Safe & Clean Covid protocol program.
Get a great overview of the Realistic Asia and their package and customized tours of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Learn why clients have been giving Realistic Asia amazing reviews on both their package and customized tours for over 15 years now. You will also be reminded of the great selling points and highlights of their destination countries!  HERE is the link for a prerecorded webinar.
To request a private online training session for you or your colleagues, please email Dave Emery dave@daemery.com.
What would be your favourite thing to enjoy on a Realistic Asia culinary/foodie tour? Click HERE for a tip.

CLICK HERE to enter your answer or send an email to dave@daemery.com.
Congratulations to Gary Rams, of Crowfoot Travel in Calgary, AB for winning last month's Photo Contest and gift card.
If you aren't familiar with Realistic Asia yet, you can check out their TripAdvisor reviews HERE. In addition, Realistic Asia has a blog update that is regularly updated HERE.  
Remember that Realistic Asia has about 40 standard tours that you can find HERE.   You can also easily request NET pricing IN CAD (with or without the flights to Asia) on a CUSTOMIZED tour for your clients HERE
If you are looking for the latest brochure, promotion, news article or training resource from most of our clients, we have created a webpage where you can easily find the latest information.

EL CID RESORTS - Ranch Shrimp & Sneak Peak






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Mazatlan is sometimes referred to at the “Shrimp Capital of the World.” The El Cid chefs definitely take advantage of the abundance of fresh shrimp in their great menus. 
Here is the latest recipe from our El Cid chefs – Ranch Shrimp! Click HERE to find the full recipe.
Here is a sneak peak at the new, Ventus Ha’ Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort, coming next month!
KRYSTAL GRAND NUEVO VALLARTA invites you to relax in the comfort of a beautiful Altitude Club Jr. Suite Swim Out and experience direct access to your semi-private pool.
All of our rooms receive a thorough disinfection treatment prior to your arrival, with detail on those high-touch areas such as the room access handle, light switches, television control and other touch points.
Click HERE to get a 1 minute tour of the KGNV property.
Also, don’t forget we released the KRYSTAL KASH Agent Incentive Program for Krystal Resort and Hilton Puerto Vallarta properties in the middle of last month.
Vietnam has an immensely rich culinary culture and surprisingly beautiful food available everywhere. Of course Realistic Asia has a number of Culinary Tours for your clients both in Vietnam and other SE Asia countries. Travelers will surely fall in love with Vietnamese cuisine. Like the celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain once said: "Vietnam. It grabs you and doesn't let you go. Once you love it, you love it forever."
Check out the Realistic Asia foodie tours HERE.
Of course, now may be a GREAT time to check your El Cid Rewards balance and use some point with some fun online shopping. Check out your balance at the El Cid Rewards Program, 
Also, you can get an additional Visa gift card by emailing your El Cid booking details to incentives@elcid.com.mx. See full program details HERE.
Note that bookings must be made through any Tour Operator such: Sunwing, WestJet, etc. Bookings made it through online companies such: Expedia, Travelocity, Hotels.com will not be applicable to El Cid Rewards points.
Also, remember the “Always Committed” hygiene and safety protocols for all El Cid Resorts HERE.
Email list not growing quickly enough? Blunders and boo-boo’s are bound to happen in social marketing. Here’s a couple of biggies to avoid!
Travel Industry
Social Media Expert
"Life is like riding a bicycle. You don't fall off unless you stop pedaling.”
Claude Pepper
Earn a minimum of $40 in gift cards for each Krystal Grand, Krystal Resort or Hilton Puerto Vallarta booking with KRYSTAL KASH. Click HERE for the full details.
Krystal Resorts is proud to be the first Mexican hotel chain to announce a sanitary certification program under the name Stay Safe & Clean, based on compliance with strict hygiene and sanitization protocols, which will be audited and certified with the main objective for our guests to feel safe in our hotels. Click HERE for a 2 1/2 minute overview.
DETM is an acronym for David Emery Travel Marketing. We are a Vancouver-area based company providing quality travel industry representation in Canada since 2009.







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